Friday, August 15, 2014


YO, super no time to maintain. ever since i started work last year didn't really have much time for cosplays as well if you wish to see my cosplays

 i am more active on those Ciaos~~~ below is my latest cosplay

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Been quite a while since i blogged~

Hi i think this blog is kinda dead as i have been pretty Busy~ lately :) for those who have known me~ i'm always trying to keep myself occupied with things

what have i done since afa? last yr em November?

Dec i gone Malaysia comicfest know a lot more friends over there~
over there hmm isn't as open as singapore but it's still fun~ hehe most of them hmm waiting? since even my god-brother who last min decided to tag a along got fed up haha and if u every ate things i given out during event? it's made by him~ xD

Me and my God-Brother

If u wanna see more about the trip? Click here

January study like some mad person~ haha exam is at Feb thats why~

February learning photography from FatJP~ and having Jelly and Joanne as the model or having shoots with her~

Me with Jelly ~

March is cosplaying during comifest which i regretted going on Saturday and Not going on sunday~ T.T then is Skate Coaching which i had a lot of fun with Kent and thanks to collin for inviting me as the coach~

Taken During Comifest~

As for my Poly Result?


GPA: 3.460

Sad for my Maths~ always get a C T.T

And A very sad thing happen to my Favorite Country~ Japan And so i wanna delicate this photo to japan i have named it as my prayer~

Hope that Japan will Recover and relive from this crisis.
May the world will have No more Natural Disasters And world Peace~

thats all for now :)

if wish u view more visit my deviant art

Friday, November 12, 2010

A damn lucky day

Yesterday(12/11/2010) was super lucky.. :D why?

First. i wanted to go chinatown first but changed plan go suntec to get tickets @ 2.30pm then guess who i saw? KANAME and AIRA stopped by haruka haha :D.. took their autograph which is on my headphone and took photo with kaname.. forgot to take with aira T.T

then go chinatown saw ah pek , hau ge and penguin hang out with them
go city hall meet dong ge.. then they go collect their tickets

had dinner with Samantha who is my god-sister and play Left for dead 2 .. although we lost in the end but it was fun.. then it was 11 pm

took bus 64 which i normally don't and change bus 23 on the way saw bro(Wei sheng) who i quite long never chatted le then he say Sunday he coming AFA :D cuz i asked him before whether if he wanna accompany me.. :D then requested him to do something for me.. on sunday~~ :D

anyway overall it was a damn lucky day~ how i wish everyday is like this

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Very Long never blog (past 5 months)

HI mina-san :D

been 5 months since i come here.. i know it's pretty much dead blog and have been busy with school, holiday work and stuff so didn't have time to blog..
anyway just a summery of what i did for the last 5 months ba

firstly will be cosfest that was when i first started cosplaying it's over for quite a while i know and it was fun~~ looking @ all the cosplayer of the same hobbies

anyway here's some picture taken during cosfest..

day 1 gakupo paranoid doll..

day 2 Kadaj

and hehe Tiburon.. last yr when me and her still noobie but she looks so Pro liao -.-
here's the photo of me and here last yr and this yr.. :D

1 yr later

next a planned a shoot for kadaj

photographer : Xeno shawn tan

which is on deviantart visit it i will update my photos more on there then here since i hardly have time to blog these days..

anyway here's the favorite shot of the shoot

got the kadaj proud feeling i like :D

then thanks to lunakitty(misa) who organizes a shoot for deathnote and invited me to the shoot as L. And thanks to photographer : fatjp for the photos

next worked for 1 full week 7 days straight... it was crazy and tiring but have a bit of fun in the process also everyday eat cake or buffet stuff :X

after that helped to be photographer and learned a lot from fatjp..and he lent me his cam once in a while. although he's not fat but idk why he called himself that also lolx

then school started like last week.. and last sat was medi's Birthday treated her Chill right at her face as sabo... :X should say accomplice since the chill wasn't done by me :D right after that day which is last sunday. held a mini photoshoot for sandplay of the singing dragon @ her chalet it was pretty short and i was really tired so pardon me if i have dead fish eyes :X

here's one of shot taken by fatjp

hehe... thats all for the past 5 months

can't wait for this sat.. haru anniversary + Halloween celebration.. going to cosplay as one of the char i planned to do for a long time :D

sunday @ illuma going to cosplay also as kadaj have sent in the entries to the tornado for competition but it's all for fun.. :D

basically it's all for Halloween~~ it's been a yr since i met the N.E.K.O's gang also :D

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sorry about MY MIA from blogging

Poly started no time to blog or do a lot of things and come back only see those 2 people? nah i call them coward/keyboard warriors ba.. who ask me to quit cosplay... o well i guess shit happens... lets see how long have i started cosplaying time flys 10 months i think... and people who are really good started like few yrs? hmm i'm still trying hard to improve on my cosplay and people just keep on wanting to pull me down.. at least i improve a lot since my first cosplay srsly... emos..

alright no more emoing for now... lets see today... i was really bored at 12am i started playing with makeup and draw my face a bit around 1am... note is morning not afternoon started camwhoring alittle hehe can see them on my facebook :D

Saturday, March 20, 2010

long time no post...

i think a lot of thing happened since EOY..

made a lot of new friends too...

hmm nothing else i can write for now just can say i'm really really busy with stuff untill no time to skate T.T hopefully can go back to skate soon... really soon...

my skill like cui diao le..

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas EVE , Christmas and EOY

Chirstmas Eve was fun... thanks to miko , dino xiao sheng and his friends

gone go orchard for countdown.. when it's christmas orchard turned into warzone everyone spraying snow on ea other like crazy

Christmas it was also fun gone over to cousin house then over to Gmaines place to celebrate....

EOY! End of year ... hmm it was fun too but then the place a bit too small the baggage area was damn cool la finally a place for me to put my stuff and walk around without worries and thanks to the gang :D i have had a lot of fun and know a lot of people

these 3 days have been fun for me... thanks to miko , xiao sheng , dino , toshi , gmaine , mystic , sheyan ,misaki , ohtahkoo , fumi , medi , ruru , feli and a lot more ppl thank you!!!

too many photo's le if u wanna see go to my facebook xD